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Jay did more for me than years of therapists and medications ever had.

In just a few weeks I began to feel better about myself and my life. Do yourself a favor and trust JJ.


-Dan W.


"JJ is a gifted intuitive coach.

 If you are wondering if you should reach out to hire him, follow that hunch. I'm glad I did. 

I am a spiritual director and a pastor.  I know the value of\] a good coach. JJ is a good coach.

What makes his coaching special is JJ himself.  

Working via email held a unique power. 

 Organizing your thoughts, and examining them,

because our words matter. 

In his most helpful response to me, he opened with 

“you're are full of shit… “

 I WAS full of shit. 


He is compassionate, kind, no fluff and his coaching gave me the keys to see a victim mentality that I was holding onto like a lifeline.


Bill Todd

a guy less full of shit than before"



"For several months, I found myself falling into a state of depression and it seemed as if my health, career, and marriage were on the line. After listening to a couple of Jay's Life Coach episodes, I figured why not reach out - maybe he can help? Maybe I can get ahead of this before it gets worse? I'm really glad that I did. With just the first exchange of emails, Jay was able to provide such helpful perspective that immediately changed my inner dialogue. I was constantly living in the future, which is an expression I've heard many times, but to have Jay specifically point out how I was doing so made it much easier to understand where my issues were coming from. I'm very grateful for what Jay did, as it provided a much stronger foundation to my outlook and general mental wellbeing. We started our discussions just a couple weeks ago, and I can tell what I got out of it will have some lasting effects. Thank you, Jay. "




"Life is broken, messy and unfixable...your soul, however, is whole, pure and can mend.


That’s why JJ is a Soul Coach and not a Life Coach. 


When I reached out to JJ he reached back...and he held on. From reading his first words to me tears immediately came to my eyes...and I’m not a cryer. This is how I knew that he was reaching my soul, where I needed healing. I knew I could trust him and his intentions were pure.


He gave me support, real tactics and a strength outside myself when I wasn’t strong. I’m happier now because of him."  ~current client


"JJ, you can share my thoughts with whom ever you’d like and on any platform. I think of you everyday.


A side note I’ve not told you...I didn’t really know who you were when I first heard you interviewed on Single AF. I was aware of you in a vague way, but never seen you in a movie, on tv or heard your podcast or stand up...nothing. Not sure why...that’s just the way the stars aligned. I just tuned into that podcast randomly that day and heard you and you were speaking directly to felt.


I’ve recreated the moment..sitting at my desk at work..single ear bud in...meeting JJ for the first"

~current client


Dear JJ,


I want to express so much gratitude to you for teaching me to change the way I thought about myself and my life.


I began listening to your podcast and going to watch you do live comedy out of a desperation to distract myself with laughter because I was deeply unhappy. I was 150 pounds overweight, in a very unhealthy marriage and the mother of 2 small boys (both diagnosed with autism).

You made me smile and brought me comfort and I quickly became your superfan. You would say things between jokes that ended up impacting my life to this day. 


You made me realize that I could take control of my life and choose to unlock the best version of myself.


I met you at one of your stand-up shows, and even though you had me smiling and laughing, you saw right through me and boldly called me out on the fact that I was depressed and often unkind to myself. 


You went on to extend your hand to me in friendship and offered to actually teach me how to change the way I thought about EVERYTHING. This was the catalyst which led to a profound change in my behavior and subsequently; significant changes in my life. 


The guidance that you gave me was never sugar coated and steps that you encouraged me to take were not always easy. To be honest, the work you suggested was never easy, as many times I had no other choice but to examine myself at my core where things weren’t funny or pretty. I so appreciate you showing me how to persevere and teaching me how to abandon fear and self-doubt. 


Today; I am 150 pounds lighter... I have two master’s degrees and a stable and rewarding career... I am single and I support my kids independently and I am a great mom... I am healthy...  I am HAPPY!


I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and support that you have given me. I’m living, breathing proof that you know your shit!


I put my name on that. 


I love you. 

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